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Operation Airdrop (OAD) is a rapidly growing group of General Aviation pilots originally formed only days ago by iHeart Media host John Clay Wolfe , Doug Jackson, and several other passionate individuals to deliver relief supplies to the hardest hit and isolated areas along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Since OAD’s formation, the group has grown to 200+ pilots and planes from across the nation. OAD has delivered unprecedented and timely relief to those who may have otherwise not received help for weeks with the help from groups such as the Texas Baptist Men, Salvation Army, Texas Navy, Cajun Air Force, AeroBridge, and Operation BBQ Relief.

OAD has continued their efforts in responding to Florida to assist in the relief efforts following hurricane Irma, and is now helping in Puerto Rico and the surrounding Caribbean Islands following the devastation left by Maria.

Although OAD’s original focus was the Texas Gulf Coast, the group’s impact has been recognized at the highest levels of government as an “untapped strategic national resource”.

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Operation Airdrop

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Operation Air Drop is an all-volunteer organization, and we need your help! Want to join our efforts? Get started below. Tap or click icons to learn more

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OAD will be setting up donation centers in a 5 state regional area and at other sites around the country. At these drop off points, donations will be packed for our pilots to deliver. Because these hurricanes struck so quickly, we have not yet organized as a legal charitable cause. However, we will be filing as a 501(c)3 organization to hopefully provide deductible expense receipts for your rescue donation.

Needs can and will change as the situation changes, so please don’t hesitate to follow Operation Airdrop on Facebook for the most recent updates and urgent needs.

Have a truck or trailer and want to help? As the flood waters recede, we need people and vehicles to help us unload and move supplies from destination airports to the shelters and other places where they’re needed.

For information about current distribution needs, contact your local Salvation Army or the Operation Airdrop Facebook page. You can also contact OAD directly HERE.

If you’re pilot or have a plane and want to join Operation Airdrop, contact us HERE. Our friends and neighbors along the Gulf need our help, and will for days and weeks to come. Since our resources and needs change by the hour, ask to join our Facebook group for the latest updates.

Some of our pilots have also been returning with nursing home residents or hospital patients, at the request of the Salvation Army and other organizations. These vulnerable people are being moved out of the affected areas for safety, and to reduce the strain on health care facilities in coastal areas. You won’t be expected to be MedEvac, but this is another way OAD pilots have been helping out.

If you represent an airport and want to become a donation/drop off point for OAD, please contact us HERE.

Have an urgent need for specific items such as insulin, medications, infant feeding tubes or other critical supplies? Contact OAD HERE or through our Facebook page to make a request. OAD pilots and support volunteers have been working miracles to get supplies where they’re most needed as rapidly as humanly possible.

Keep ‘em Flying

To date, almost every expense incurred to transport the overwhelming amount of donated relief supplies has come directly from the generous support of the volunteer pilots and aircraft owners themselves. Until OAD is offially a non-profit organization capable of accepting corporate donations, we’ve set up a GoFundMe page to help defray some of the operational costs associated with the relief missions. 100% of these funds will go to keeping the planes of OAD in the air.

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Any FBO, Regional, Municipal that would like to be added as a drop-off contact us here.

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If you are a pilot and want to contribute pls join our Facebook group here for dispatch orders.

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