Airborne Disaster Relief

Operation Airdrop organizes volunteers with private aircraft to deliver essential supply in the wake of natural disasters.

Grass Roots

Operation Airdrop puts local charity organizations and remote volunteers together via municipal airports.

Large or Small

Operation Airdrop can organize many assets in the wake of a disaster under one banner, regardless of scale.

Boots in the Air

Operation Airdrop solves "week one" problems after a major disaster, by moving critical supply in hours, not days.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

With over 270 volunteer aircraft from around the region, Operation Airdrop volunteers delivered over 250,000 pounds of emergency supplies to areas along the Texas coast in the four days following Hurricane Harvey's landfall near Houston.

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

One week after Hurricane Harvey airborne relief efforts ended, Operation Airdrop was called to Florida after Hurricane Irma. Our volunteers flew supplies to damaged areas throughout the state, basing aircraft from both Tallahassee and Lakeland.