Introducing Our Team: Operations Specialist

July 13, 2019

Meet our last Operation Airdrop staff member, Brian “Yes It’s My Real Name” Rambo!

Rambo is an Atlanta native. He was born into an aviation family, and thus had little choice but to develop an interest in transportation machines at an early age. Rambo, an Eagle Scout in his youth, is a graduate of Auburn University, where he studied Supply Chain Management, Aviation Management and Professional Flight. Since graduating from Auburn, Rambo has excelled as a flight instructor and currently manages operations for a bespoke business aviation solutions firm, QIS Aviation Group. He holds his commercial multi-engine and single engine instrument ratings as well as a Certified Flight Instructor certificate.

Rambo’s relationship with Operation Airdrop began during Hurricane Harvey. He collected donations at PDK and from elsewhere around the Atlanta area to fill a Phenom to be flown to Houston. In response to Hurricane Irma, Rambo led the south Florida relief effort operations in Tallahassee, FL and has been involved with each OAD mission since.

Rambo also works with Angel Flight Soars, an organization that arranges air transportation for people who need to travel great distances for life-saving medical services, but may lack the means to travel there on their own. When not flying, he enjoys spoiling his golden retriever, Jeta.

Rambo’s birthday was yesterday, and he made it very clear that all he wanted for his birthday was for you to have your very own Operation Airdrop t-shirt! The sale ends Monday, so be sure to pick yours up now here.

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Introducing Our Team: Operations Specialist