Introducing Our Team: Assitant Operations Director

July 9, 2019

Next up on Better Know an Airdropper: Ethan Garrity!

Ethan is our Assistant Director of Operations, and resident mustachioed aspiring fire chief. He served 4.5 years of active duty in the United States Army as a Scout, during which he completed two tours of duty in Iraq, and 3.5 years in the Air Force Reserves as a Security Forces Member. When the time came to transition out of the military, Ethan was faced with a choice: traditional schooling, or something more appealing to his…unique sensibilities.

He was stuck in traffic one day in 2015, just north of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and an overflying Boeing 777 provided his answer: aviation. Ethan now holds his Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument ratings, and works as a ferry pilot and a corporate jet contract pilot. Rumor has it, he will fly for hot dogs and White Claw.

Ethan continues to serve his local community as a part time EMT and a volunteer firefighter. His combined 20 years of service work, uniformed service, emergency service, and leadership skills motivate him to promote aviation and accomplish a critical mission. Ethan has the unique ability to speak “government” and GSD - Get Stuff Done. If you’re in the middle of an Operation Airdrop mission and you need somebody who can #sendit, just look for the man with the mustache and the megaphone. He’ll probably also be wearing a flight suit.

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Introducing Our Team: Assitant Operations Director